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Married and ‘Kore’ (Parthenos) o Social interpretation of myth The relation between the Greek daughter and the mother before marriage Reflections of marriage in Greek society Connection of fertility and death The Eleusinian Mysteries o Mystery = mystes (one who closes the eyes) o Initiatus = initiate Telesterion = Hall of initiation o Punishment for divulging secrets of the rites o Main sources for mysteries Late and unreliable o Archaeology and Hymn to Demeter o Festival held in Fall o Hierophant= high priest
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Unformatted text preview: He who reveal the Hiera (the sacred things) Procession to Athens with Hiera o Eligible initiates o Procession taking Hiera back to Eleusis (fifth day) Kykeon – a barley beverage Two day fast o During the Initiation Appearance of Hierophant from Anaktoron (palace) Things done (re-enactment) Things shown Things said o The Initiates Blessed afterlife Most honored cult in Greece • Dionysus o God of Wine and nature Later admittance of Olympus...
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