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God of the life force God of a divinely inspired madness (frenzy) Two Hmeric Hymns Apollodorus- Bibliotheca Ovid- Metamorphoses Euripides- Bacchae o The Birth and Early Youth of Dionysus Semele, daughter of Cadmus, King of Thebes Affair with Zeus Wrath of Hera- comes to Semele as an old woman and makes her doubt whether the old man is really Zeus Appearance of Zeus Death of Semele Fetus saved by Hermes, Zeus o Twice born Ino, Queen of Orchomenus
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Unformatted text preview: Ino, Queen of Orchomenus • Athamas, King of Orchomenus o Wrath of Hera o Melicertes, son of Ino Fate of Ino and Melicertes • Leucothea (‘White Goddess’) • Palaemon o Dionysus in Nysa Land of Nysa • Etymology – (‘Zeus of Nysa’) • Art of making wine • Stricken with madness • Wanders east from Phrygia o Dionysus(Bacchus) Female Followers • Maenads (‘raging women’) or Bacchae...
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