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Male Followers Satyrs o Silenus o Wanderings of Dionysus Travelled as far as India Return to Phrygia King Midas The Curse-anything he touches turns to gold Pactolus River Ariadne, Daughter of King Minos Abandoned by Theseus Naxos Crown built by Hephaestus o Corona Borealis o Resistance to Dionysus Lycurgus, king of the Edonians (Thrace) Homer The Iliad o Treatment of Zeus Other Variants
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Unformatted text preview: The daughters of Minyas (Minyads) • Rejection of the new religion • Their madness • Turned into bats The daughters or Proetus (Proetids) • Leprosy • Wandering in Arcadia • Their madness • If you didn’t believe in this god he punished you • Offer of Melampus o The daughters get sick and start ripping their kids apart o Initial refusal of Proetus...
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