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o Second offer o Dionysus and the Pirates Dionysus abducted The helmsmen Dionysus as a lion Fate of the crew o Dionysus in Thebes Dionysus’ birthplace Euripides The Bacchae Agave, Autonoe, Ino (Aunts) Sisters driven mad for disbelief Roaming on Mt. Cithaeron King Pentheus Opposition to Dionysus o Reasons Two groups of Bacchae Insane women of Thebes Asian Bacchae o Loyal followers of Dionysus
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Unformatted text preview: o Form the Chorus Refusal of Thebans to worship Dionysus • Pentheus’ Anger o ‘Immorality’ of Theban women Tiresias and Cadmus • Appeal to pentheus o Dionysus arrested, interrogated o Palace collapses Messenger from Mt. Cithaeron arrives • Actions of the bacchae o Frenzy Part of the natural element Pentheus still not persuaded...
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