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jm20 - o Central Elements and Themes Folktale motifs •...

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Slowly driven mad Follows Dionysus’ orders o Sent into the mountains o Dressed as Maenad Pantheus torn apart Mistaken for mountain lion Arrival of Agave in Thebes o Display it to Cadmus Agave Return to Sanity Exile o Eastern Origins of Dionysus Names and Words Semele = Zemelo (A Phrygian mother goddess) Thyrsus = tuwarsa (Hittite) for wine Bacchus = Bakivali (Lydian) In Myth Arrival from Thrace Similar cults in Thrace and Phrygia
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Unformatted text preview: o Central Elements and Themes Folktale motifs • Short-sighted wish (Semele, Midas) • Vengeful Stepmother (Hera) Resistance to God • Madness, destruction o Cult of Dionysus Enthusiasmos: “Being filled with the god” (Enthusiasm) Extasis (ecstasy) “standing outside oneself” Sparagmos and Omophagia o God of Theater Tragedy- tragos (‘goat’) + ode (‘song’)...
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