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Lenaea (festival of Dionysus) City Dionysia Origings Aristotle o Dithyramb- Tragedy Thespis Myths of Death o Hades Rules over the dark land of the dead “Unseen One” “the Enricher” (Pluto) Polydegmon “receiver of many” Polyxenos “host to many” o The Greek View of Death Belief in afterlife Eidolon- “image’ Psyche – breathe, soul Anima (anemos- wind)
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Unformatted text preview: Spiritus Spirit breath o Existence of the dead Ghosts (bodiless breath-soul) Unburied Appearance in dreams o Beneficent ghosts Gold and Silver Races o Veneful ghosts Erinyes o Greek funerary custom Purposes Dark clothes Mourners o Greek Funeral Prothesis laying out Mourners...
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