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Dirges Ekphoras “carrying out” Procession Honors Epitaphios- speech on tomb Funerary Games-rich people Hermes Psychopompus Leads souls to Hades View of some Intellectuals Ex. Epicurus o Odysseus’ Journey to Death’s Realm Homer’s Odyssey Intruction of Circe o Tiresias, the Phrophet o Journey to Oceanus Necromancy o Libation mixed with blood Elpenor, Comrade of Odysseus Death on Aeaea
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Unformatted text preview: • Other Ghosts • Anticlea, Odysseus’ Mother • Agamemnon, Achilles Figures in the Underworld • Minos, King of Crete o Cretans= Early lawgivers o Judge in the underworld o Rhadamanthys and Aeacus joined later • Tityus, son of Zeus o Attempted rape of Leto o Punishment Cf. Prometheus • Tantalus o Attempted deception of the gods (Pelops)...
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