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o Punishment- forever has to stand in a marshy lake, the water is just outta reach and so is the fruit tree Tantalize Sysiphus o Tricked and imprisoned Death o Escaped the underworld o Punishment- push a boulder up a mountain Oprheus o Son of Calliope (Muse) and Oeagrus o Greatest musician and poet o Argonaut The Sirens o Eurydice, Wife of Orpheus Artistaeus (bee-keeper) Attempted rape of Eurydice Her death o Attempt to resurrect Eurydice
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Unformatted text preview: Enters Underworld Cave in Peleonapeace o Hades and Persephone Effect of his music Condition of her release • Death of Orpheus o Dionysus A) because he promulgated homosexuality B) because he neglected Dionysus C) he excluded women from his sacreed mysteries • Orphism o 6 th C BC Special teachings • Nature • Destiny Hope of salvation...
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