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jm25 - o Apotheosis o Popularity in all media • Birth of...

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Wrongly convicted Suicides, etc o Tartarus Place of eternal damnation Ixioon Attempted rape of Hera Punishment The Argive Plain o Mycenae Perseus Atreus Agamemnon Io and Her Descendents Zeus and Io o Changed into a cow Gift to hera Argus and hermes Peacock o Gadfly Prediction Heracles(Hercules) o Greatest of all Greek heroes
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Unformatted text preview: o Apotheosis o Popularity in all media • Birth of Heracles o Electryon, son of Perseus Alcmene Amphitryon, nephew of Electryon o Vengeance against pirates Zeus and Alcmene Amphitryon and Alcmene • Divine and mortal seed o Heracles and Iphicles Eurystheus (Heracles uncle)...
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