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Deception of Hera Youthful Deeds o Suckled by Hera o Serpents sent by Hera o Education Martial art(boxing, javelin, wrestling, etc), music Linus – mad at him for breaking all the stings and Heracles murders him Acquitted of murder o Thespius, king of Thespiae Lion Hunt Daughters of Thespius Madness o Creon, king of Thebes Megara Murder The Twelve Labors o The oracle of Delphi Eurysthius (king of Tiryns) Atonement – Athloi ‘contests’
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Unformatted text preview: • 1.) the Nemean Lion o Impervious to weapons o Heracles kills it The lion skin, skins it with its own claws • 2.) The Hydra of Lerna o Lolaus, nephew of Heracles o Multi-headed water serpent Regeneration (Heracles’ strategy) Central head is immortal- so he buries it Poisonous bile (Heracles’ Arrows) instead of having blood • 3.) The Ceryneian Stag o Magical deer of Artemis Mt. Ceryneia...
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