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Assault of Deianira, death “Love potion” Campaign for lole Sacrifice o Lichas the Herald o Funeral Pyre Philoctetes and the bow Apotheosis Marriage to Hebe (“Youth”) Observations o Heracles=> a supreme hero beyond control. o Big Appetites: food, drink, sex. o Passions, lack of emotional control: Murderous Rages o A hero of passion => Alcestis o Heracles Alexikakos => Heracles the averter of evils o By Heracles! The most common oath of the Greeks. Theseus and the Myths of Athens o Cecrops Autocthonous (Sprung from the earth)
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Unformatted text preview: Civilization- monogamy, fire-cooking, etc. Ruled Athens during Golden age • Athena vs. Poseidon o Erichthonius Athena- Protector of the City Birth of Erichthonius- born from the earth, as Athena throws Hephaestus’s seed on the ground Given to daughters of Cecrops Warning o Procne and Tereus Procne, Philomela, Butes and Erectheus Tereus, king of Thracians Marriage to Procne • Itys Rape of Philomela...
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