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Tapestry Procne’s revenge – death of Itys o Hoopoe, Swallow, Nightingale o The Birth of Theseus Erecthius, king of Athens Aegeus Visit to Delphic Oracle Visit to Troezen o Pittheus and Aethra Aethra’s dream Poseidon Sword and Sandals o The Labors of Theseus Return to Athens Six Deeds Periphetes (clubber); Sinis (Pine Bender); Phaea’s Pig Sciron, Cercyron the wrestler; Procrustes
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Unformatted text preview: o Theseus in Athens Arrival in Athens Unrecognized by Aegeus Influence of Medea o Bull of Marathon Medeas plot Theseus recognized Medeas flight Theseus named successor o Theseus and Antiope Return from Crete Death of Aegeus Antiope (Hippolyta), queen of the Amazons o Amazonomachy o Areopagus o Theseus and Hippolytus...
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