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Similarities to Amazons o Theseus and Perithous Son of Ixion and king of Lapiths Wedding with Hippodamia- Theseus and the centars fight at the wedding when the centars try and steal the bride. Centauromachy Search for brides Helen(Theseus=Success) and Persephone(Perithous=Fail) Journey to the Underworld o Death of Theseus Return from Underworld Dioscouri (Castor and Pollux) Menestheus, ruler of Athens- creates bad rep for Theseus Skyros- the king kills him by pushing him off the cliff Myths of Crete o Introduction Minoan Civilization (3000-1500BC) Knossus- main and largest palace center
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Unformatted text preview: Kingly Power and the Bull- monarchy, priest king, the Cretan bull that Heracles rides Myth and Archaeology o Europa and The Bull Agenor (“leader of Men”), king of Phoenicia Zeus and Io Europa, Daughter of Agenor (entranced by the Zeus bull and jumps on it and goes to Crete and begin to Copulate) Cadamus, Cilix, and Phoenix (Agenor’s 3 sons, try and find their sister but fail) Ovid- Metamorphoses Journey to Crete Agenor’s Sons • Search – Phoenicia, Cilicia, Thebes (Cadmeia) Children...
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