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Site of numerous myths and legends (cf. Mycenae) Setting of numerous Athenian tragedies o Cadmus and the Dragon Cadmus, son of Agenor Search for Europa Oracle of Delphi Cadmus slays the dragon o Instruction of Athena to sew the dragons teeth like seeds, only sews half o Dragons teeth make an army of men Cadmus and the warriors o Five Survivors after the army is done fighting o Kills them by throwing a rock amongst them and they get angry and kill each other. Sparti- (Sewn Man) Give Ares 8 years penance for measomia Harmonia-divine daughter o Daughter of Ares and Aphrodite o Wedding- one of the two greatest weddings the
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Unformatted text preview: Greeks have ever seen, only one of two weddings gods actually attend o Harmonia gets a necklace crafted from Hephetess, which is beautiful, but he curses and at the owner is condemned to have turmoil in life. o Cadmus and Harmonia Cursed • Autonoe(Killed by hunting dogs), Ino(plunged herself and her child into the sea, turns into a sea god and chopped up a kid too), Semele(Bacchus’s mom burns to a crisp after see’s Zeus in god form), Agave( Rips off sons head and shows it to her father). • Necklace of Harmonia- = Hell • He leaves his throne with Harmonia Illyria (Albania)...
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