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Changed into a serpent by the gods (Elysian Fields) o Variants Wish- after yelling at the gods Prophecy- it was meant to happen Turns into snake after death o Cadmus Impact of Cadmus Cadmeia (Theban Acropolic) Writing (‘Phoenician scratching’)- founder of the Greek Alphabet o Amphion and Zethus Variant tradition Nycteus- king few generations later Antiope and Daughter o Exiled to Sicyon Lycus, brother of Nycteus Campaign vs. Sicyon Birth of the twins (Mt. Cithaeron o Raised by shepherd Dirce, wife of Lycus Treatment of Antiope
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Unformatted text preview: • Escape • Revenge of Amphion and Zethus- kill Lycus and kill Dirce by tieing her to a bull They rule the country together and they build the City walls • Amphion and the Lyre- the lyre makes the rocks float into place. Zethus struggles up the hill with big ass rocks • Zethus and Thebe • Amphion and Niobe o Artemis and Apollo- after the fatality claim o Oedipus the King Laius ( Laius of Laos • Jocasta (Epicasta) – daughter of a Sparti • Oedipus (Oidipous)- swollen foot...
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