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o Oracle- tells Laius will be killed by the kid and have kids by his wife Exposure near Mt. Cithaeron Merope and Polybus, King of Corinth Feet bound (“Swollen foot”) Oedipus in Corinth Visit of Delphi Attempt to avoid fate The crossroads Death of Laius o One Survivor Creon, new king of Thebes o Oedipus in Thebes The Sphinx- feline body, wings on its back, human head Daughter of Typhoeus The riddle- solved the riddle Marriage to Jocasta Prophecy fulfilled Polynices(son), Eteocles(son), Antigone(daughter), Ismene(daughter)- four kids of Oedipus and Jocasta o Oedipus Rex
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Unformatted text preview: Sophocles (497-406) New Elements Plague, Oracle- a famine starts the play, famine happens because Laius was not given burial rights and there is miasma Revelation of Tiresias- the blind Phrophet tells Oedipus that it was him who killed Laius Discovery, consequences- launches an investigation and starts figuring out things that begin to prosecute himself. His wife/mom Jocasta hangs herself when she realizes that she screwed and married her son. Oedipus Rex takes the broach off his wife/moms body and gouges his own eyes out....
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