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Curse of longevity Harpies- the snatchers, female creatures, they snatch the food away from him. Help of the Boreads- they either kill them or don’t kill them, but in the end the Harpies stay away from Phineus, therefore Phineus tells them where the golden fleece is o The Symplegades Clashing rocks in the mist Release of the dove- the tail feathers get caught in it Argo(the boat) passes through- but the banner gets caught in the back and gets ripped off Rocks stand still o The Argonauts in Colchis Medea, daughter of Aeetes Hera and Eros Aeetes fear of Jason (Oracle Medea falls in love with Jason thanks to cupid
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Unformatted text preview: o Medea and the Golden Fleece Jason’s task • Two fire-breathing, bronze hoofed bulls • Plow the ground- yolk them to plow the earth • Sow the dragon’s teeth (Cadmus) • Kill the warriors Help of Medea- gives him fire proof ointment and kills the warriors the same way Cadmus did. Killing of the warriors (cf. Cadmus) Aeetes plan- kill Jason with the Army The golden Fleece • The dragon o Medea’s help o Escape from Colchis- Aeetes doesn’t let them go quietly Pursuit of the Argonauts • Apsyrtus, brother of Medea...
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