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o Dismemberment o Ritual Killing- by the sister The Return Impossible Geography Uses Orpheus to pass the Sirens with Orpheus’s lyre music o Libya Journey through the ‘burning sands’ Lake Tritonis o Garden of the Hesperides o (Nymps of the West) Heracles- had just taken the golden apples o Crete Arrival in Crete Talus, the robot Medea’s sorcery o Jason, the Deflated Hero Historical evidence (exploration) Apollonius of Rhodes Portrayal of Jason- not seen as the typical hero, not in the
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Unformatted text preview: same class of Theseus, Perseus, Heracles, etc. • Jason’s accomplishments o Return to Iolcus Medea’s instructions to daughters of Pelias • Demonstration • Death of Pelias Exile of Jason and Medea Flee to Corinth • Creusa (Glauce) • Daughter of Creon Gift of Medea • Death of Creusa (Glauce) • Death of Creon Medea’s revenge...
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