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Infanticide Death of Jason Medea’s flight o Euripides- Medea A story about divorce A woman Wronged A powerless stranger in a strange land Medea kills the children of Jason and flees in the Chariot drawn by dragons to Athens (cf. Theseus myth). o Calydonian Boar Hunt Many Participate (Argonauts, Theseus, etc) Oeneus(king of Calydon) and Althaea- wife Meleager-son Birth of Meleager The Fates The log Oeneus’ neglect of Artemis
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Unformatted text preview: Atalanta- only women at the hunt o The pelt Meleagers dispute with his uncles Althaeas response- throws log on the fire o Death of Meleager- he dies cause log burns up o Atalanta Wants to remain a virgin Races with suitors o Losers decapitated Melanion (Hippomenes) Favor of Aphrodite (apples) Sex in the shrine of Zeus o Lions in folklore The Trojan War o The House of Atreus...
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