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jm44 - best sheep in the flock o Aerope and Thyestes –...

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Tantalus Attempted deception if the gods Dismemberment of Pelops o Restores (ivory shoulder) Pelops and Hippodameia Oenomaus of Pisa Chariot race o Myrtilus, the charioteer- bribed to sabatoge the chariot. Chariot race Death of Oenomaus Murder of Myrtilus- by throwing him into the ocean o Curse Pelops, king of Pisa Death of Eurystheus in Mycenae o Last of the line of Perseus o Oracle Atreus and Thyestes Golden Fleece- completely different one. o Failed promise to Artemis- promised to kill the
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Unformatted text preview: best sheep in the flock o Aerope and Thyestes – sleeping together Atreus and Thyestes • Course of the sun- rises in the west sets in the east • Thyestes banished “Reconciliation” • The banquet • The curse of the Atreids Pelopia, daughter of Thyestes • Rape at the spring in night • Aegisthus gets pregnant with him o Sword of Thyestes Pelopia and Atreus Agamemnon and Menelaus in Delphi...
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