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Oath of Tyndareus o The Gathering at Aulis Declaration of Calchas, the prophet Achilles and Thetis Attempt to give immortality Achilles and Chiron Achillies at Scyros Dressed as a girl Odysseus’ plan Opposing winds Low morale Prophecy of Calchas Iphigenia, daughter of Agamemnon Sacrifice Artemis sends a substitute Land of Taurus o The journey to Troy Philoctetes Heracles’ bow Snake bite
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Unformatted text preview: Lemnos The landing at Troy Prophecy Protesilaus o Homers Iliad 24 books 9 th year of war Ends after the death of Hector A great series of poems some 15000 line poem, each book is = to one scroll Elements of the poem- told by the Greeks Both sides told- talks about both side equally basically Focus on elites- duals amongst elites Key figures...
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