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Death of Astyanax- chuck him off the walls of Troy Aeneas escapes Founder of Roman Race Cassandra, Andromache taken captive- by Agamemnon o Agamemnon’s Return Aeschylus –Oresteia Clytemnestra(goes down as one of the most vile wives) and Aegisthus have an affair Murder of Agamemnon Orestes- obligated to seek vengeance for his fathers murder. Aegisthus is easy to kill, but he will commit matricide and get miasma if he kills Clytemnestra(mom) o The Furies (The Eumenides) __________________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: • Roman Religion and Myth o Foundation of Rome Romulus and Remus Foundation – 753 BC Ab Urbe Condita (A.U.C.) o Rome ‘Seven’ Hills Rome had seven hills inside it o Early Rome 8 th C BC • Greek colonies • Etruscans- dominate power at the time • Cultural crossroads The romans were living in huts during the 8 th C Rome Peoples of Italy • Eutruscans- north • Latins- southern...
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