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jm51 - o Book 1 Aeneas has been wandering the Mediterranean...

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o Aneneid Vergil Born in 70BCE near Mantua Wrote the Eclogues (pastoral poetry) The Aeneid An epic poem in 12 books In hexameter Arma virumque cano… Written by Vergil between 29-19 BCE during Augustus’ power Unfinished when Vergil died Connects the politics of Vergil’s day to Rome’s mythical past o Aeneas Son of Anchises and Aphrodite In Homer’s Iliad, he is Hector’s cousin His descendants are destined to rule for generations Aeneas’ son Iulus will give his name to the Julian clan, to which Julius Caesar and Augustus belong to.
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Unformatted text preview: o Book 1 Aeneas has been wandering the Mediterranean for years As he is leaving Sicily, Juno causes a storm Aeneas and some of his men land in Libya Aeneas meets queen Dido Venus causes Dido to fall in love with Aeneas o Book 2 Dido throws a banquet for the Trojans and Aeneas tells the story of Troy The Trojan horse Death of Laocoon The fight in the city Aeneas’ flight o Book 3 After leaving Troy, Aeneas goes to…...
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