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jm52 - o Book 6 At Cumae Aeneas visits the Sibyl and the...

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… Thrace: Polydorus … Delos: Oracle … Crete: Disease … Island of the Harpies: “eat your tables!” …Chaonia: Helenus and Andromache … Sicily: Cyclopes … Libya: Dido o Book 4 Aeneas and Dido go hunting Rumors of their love reach larbas, a nearby king Jupiter sends orders that Aeneas leave Carthage Drama with Dido o Book 5 Trojans revisit Sicily, have funeral games Trojan women try to burn the ships Some stay behind as others sail on Palinurus falls overboard
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Unformatted text preview: o Book 6 At Cumae, Aeneas visits the Sibyl and the travels to the underworld He Meets… …Palinurus …Dido …Anchises …Ghosts at river Lithe (Romulus, Augustus, Marcellus) o Book 7 Aeneas reaches Latium The men eat their tables King Latinus engages his daughter lavinia to Aeneas, mother Amata and Turnus are angered Ascanius kills a stag War begins between Latins and Trojans o Book 8...
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