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Aeneas seeks alliance with Evander Aeneas sees a sow with her litter Vulcan makes armor for Aeneas Evander urges alliance with Etruscans o Book 9 Nisus and Euryalus leave the Trojan camp at night, both are killed The latins attack the Trojan camp Ascanius makes a kill Turnus kills many before making his escape o Book 10 Olympians debate the situation Aeneas seeks alliance with Etruscans Aeneas and Pallas return to Trojan camp, Palls is killed by Turnus Aeneas kills a father (Mezentius) and the son (Lausus) o Book 11 Aeneas mourns Pallas Aeneas and Turnus deicide to meet in single combat
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Unformatted text preview: Camilla’s forces meet the Trojans Arruns kills Camill, Camilla is avenged by Opis o Book 12 Turnus decides to face Aeneas Juturna causes battle to ensue Aeneas wounded, than healed Trojans attack city of the Latins Amata commits suicide Aeneas kill Turnus • Legends of Early Rome o Introduction Rome is city of Venus and Mars Roman mythology built on two pillars, children of Venus and Mars, Aeneas (fl. 1200 B.C.?) and Romulus (fl. 753 B.C.) Ara Pacis shows these two as embodiments of pieta (Aeneas) and virtus (Romulus)...
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