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o Influence of Past on Augustan Rome Roman mythology must account for roughly 450 years between the sack of Troy, 1200bc, and the supposed founding of the city by Romulous in 750bc. o Propaganda Augustus dedicated a temple to Mars, inside the city for the first time, after Battle of Phillippi Statuary in temple makes Augustus Rome’s ultimate temple Anchises prophecy of Rome in book 6 of Aeneid traces history from Aeneas to Augustus o Romulus and Remus Numitor deposed by brother Amulius Exposure of Romulus and Remus Romulus and Remus as bandits Restoration of Numitor’s kingdom
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Unformatted text preview: The augury and Rome’s founding o Reign of Romulus Asylum on Capitoline Rape of Sabine women Women end war with Sabines Titus Tatius and the death of Tarpeia o From mortal to God Possible causes of death for Romulus Sidus Iulianum Apotheosis of Romulus Establishment of temple of Quirinus on Quirinal Hill Imperial Worship o Horatii vs Curiatii Republican memory Horatii vs Curiatii Neoclassicism and the French Revolution vs Augustan revolution Jacques-Louis David’s painting o Legends of last kings Servius Tullius...
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