Organic Chemistry Lab Solutions 173

Organic Chemistry Lab Solutions 173 - 183 O O γ-rays RO P...

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Unformatted text preview: 183 O O γ-rays RO P OH RO P OR . O RO OR P . O- R = Me, Et Kerr, M.C.L.; Webster, K.; Williams, F. Molecular Physics 1973, 25, 1461 Geoffroy, M.; Ginet, L.; Lucken, E.A. Molecular Physics 1976, 31, 745 O . P X X Roberts, B.P.; Singh, K. J. Organometallic Chem. 1978, 159, 31 (ESR spectrum) O O tBuO OtBu 2 tBuO O . + 2 CO2 O O RO P OR H . + tBuO O RO P . OR + tBuOH ...
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