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Control System Terminology Desired Response – the idealised instantaneous behaviour that we would like from the system. Transient Response – the gradual change in the system as it approaches its approximation of the desired response. Steady-State Response – the response of the system once it has finished changing and is now approximating the desired response. Error – the difference between the input and the output of the system. Steady-State Error – the difference between the steady-state response and the desired response. Stability – the ability of the system to settle into a steady-state response. Controller – the part of the system that generates the input to the plant or process being controlled. Open-Loop – a system that does not monitor its output. Open-loop systems can not
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Unformatted text preview: correct for disturbances. Closed-Loop – a system that monitors its output and makes corrections to reduce error. By monitoring the output the system can correct for disturbances. Disturbance – a signal that is not modelled or calibrated in the system leading to corruption of the expected behaviour. Compensator – a system inserted into the controller to improve performance. Feedback – a path that allows signals from the output of some sub-system to flow back and affect the input of some sub-system earlier in the system signal path. Robust – a system that will still work as expected with changes to the system parameters, as might be caused by wear of components, or a change in behaviour with temperature....
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