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DiffusionHW - ENV 6015 Diffusion Problem Set 1 Salt water...

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ENV 6015 Diffusion Problem Set 1. Salt water containing 11700 mg/l of NaCl (0.2 mole per liter) lies beneath a one-foot lens of fresh water, which is essentially, salt free to begin with. Find the concentration of NaCl in the lens after 30 days contact. Assume a constant temperature of 15 o C. 2. The initial dissolved oxygen concentration of an acquiescent body of water 1-foot deep is 5.0 mg/L. Assume the rate of absorption of oxygen from the atmosphere is sufficiently fast to saturate the surface layer of the water in a relatively short period. Find the concentration after one week if the temperature of water remained constant at 15 o C. 3. Sucrose solution to 20 o C has a viscosity n 3 = 1.01 x 10 -2 gm cm -1 sec -1 . If the density of sucrose is 1.59 gm/cm 3 and diffusivity D 1 = 0.36 cm 2 /day determine the molar concentration of the solution. Also, determine the molecular diameter. 4. An experimental channel of 200 ft. long 2.5 ft. wide and 2 ft. deep was used for dye studies. The water depth in the flume was 1.0 ft and the stream flow was kept constant at a rate of
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