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figures-in-report - 4 Make sure your “useful” curves...

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How to present experiment figures in academic paper or course project? 1. Do not rely on color to distinguish curves (due to black-white printout). 2. Use different line styles to distinguish curves (solid, dashed, dotted, dash- doted). 3. Use mark on some curves for further distinguishing. In Matlab, plot(X, Y, ‘b- .o’); use different mark for different curves.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Make sure your “useful” curves occupy most of the figure’s drawing area. You need to manually change X or Y axis range to do that. 5. Make sure your figure’s font (label, legend, axis values) are large enough to be readable. Make sure curves are thick enough to be readable. 6. The curves should not be covered by, e.g., legend....
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