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Unformatted text preview: CDA6530: Performance Models of Computers and Networks (Fall 2011) Project 1: Random Variables Simulation and Analysis (assigned Sept. 20th; submit by Sept. 29th midnight; Late submission by Oct. 3 rd midnight with 20 points off) In this project, you will generate different random variables, and then compare your simulation results with analytical results. Everything should be done in Matlab platform in order for you to learn using this useful tool. Note that you are required to NOT use any statistical functions provided by Matlab and its toolbox. You should use what I introduced in class lecture to generate random variables (the inverse transform method or polar method), and you need to calculate distribution by your own code (no use of pdf(), cdf(), hist3(), etc). You should ONLY use the basic Matlab operations and matrix/vector operations I introduced in lecture. When drawing figures, you should only use plot() function. Using Matlab’s statistical functions will be treated as not completing the assignment! only use plot() function....
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