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CDA6530: Performance Models of Computers and Networks (Fall 2011) Project 3: Worm Propagation Discrete-time Simulation (Assigned Oct. 27th; due: Nov. 7th; late submission: Nov. 11th with 15 points off) To relieve some programming burden, project 3 is a group project that two students can form a group to do and submit one report (Project 5 will also be a group project so you can find the same partner working on these two projects together). In your submitted report, please specify who is your partner. Of course, you can do this project alone if you want to or have hard time to find a partner. You are required to simulate simple worm propagation in a medium-scale network by using discrete-time simulation technique. Assume that in an isolated network with n = 32 2 IP address space (i.e., the network is assigned with /n IP prefix space), there are N vulnerable computers to a particular worm in this network. These vulnerable computers occupy the even number of IP addresses starting from the lower end of the address space of the network. For
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