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CDA6530: Performance Models of Computers and Networks (Fall 2011) Project 4: Discrete Event Simulation (Assigned 11/08; due: 11/18 midnight; late submission by 11/23 midnight with 15 points off) In this project, you will need to use discrete event simulation approach I introduced in class to simulate the traditional “machine-repairman” closed queuing network. Please check “examples” lecture notes (lecture 13) Page 2-5 for the machine-repairman problem description. Assume that there are c=3 machines, failing rate 2 . 0 = λ /min, the repair rate 5 . 0 = μ /min. That is to way, each machine works for an exponential distributed time with rate 2 . 0 = /min before it fails, and the repairmen takes an exponential distributed time with rate 5 . 0 = /min to finish repairing a failed machine. If there are more than one failed machines, the repairman uses “first come, first serve” to repair failed machines. For discrete event simulation, define system state N(t) as the number of working machines at time t. You need to simulate this system until the repairman has finished repairing 100 machines. Please use C or C++ or
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