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November 1 Food and Globalization Sushi and GM outline.docx...

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1 ANTH 209/SOC 269 Lecture Outline November 1, 2011 FOOD AND GLOBALIZATION Kosher Chinese From Fast Food to Food Activism I. What is globalization? it is not homogenization nor Americanization/McDonaldization intensification of economic interconnectedness and competition complex transnational circuits of economic, political and cultural interconnectedness and competition -increasing cultural interaction time-space compression or the reordering of time and space acceleration in the flow of capital, goods, images and ideologies. Commodities (such as food items) therefore acquire a particular value or importance – they are routinely used to articulate both place and movement, and through those, identity and identification.” (Bell and Valentine 1997. Consuming Geographies . p.191 . II. Kosher Chinese: An American in China under Globalization 1. Multiple stories in one Dramatic social transformation – emergence of China as a post-socialist state. Globalization – the interconnection of cultures and economies Cross-cultural encounters through ideas around food, drink, religion, politics and life in general III. The Global Food Fight: The Battle for and Against GM Crops – Two Faces of the Debate 1. Genetic modification of plants and animals – has been with us for a long time. 2. Recent technology – genetic transformation, transgenesis or GM is a more precise method. 3. GM technology has enabled plant varieties that are sturdy and utilize materials that do not harm the people and the environment. 4.
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November 1 Food and Globalization Sushi and GM outline.docx...

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