October 6 Drinking Culture Alcohol

October 6 Drinking Culture Alcohol - ANTH 209/SOC 269...

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ANTH 209/SOC 269 LECTURE OUTLINE October 6, 2011 DRINKING CULTURES: Inebriated Socialities: Drink, Gender, Nation I. Review of the first half of the semester: Where we have been and where we are headed? II. To Drink vs. to Eat: Cultural Beliefs and the Difference Between the Potable and the Edible III. Drinking cultures – ideas, practices, behaviors, and institutions invovles in the consumption of alcoholic beverages IV. Drinking: A View from American Popular Culture a. Drinking and Mass Media b. Drinking Archetypes and Stylized Behavior c. Drinking, Gender and Age d. Class, Ethnicity, Race and the inequality of Drinking “values” The Cocktail Hour/Social Drinking vs. Binge Drinking Conducting Business vs. Criminality Social “lubricant” vs. Anti-social behavior Sophistication vs. Delinquency Ethnic/National group “propensities” V. Social and Cultural Dimensions of Drinking a. drinking is a social act b. drinking is a communicative act c.drinking is a political act d. drinking demarcates space and time e. drinking invovles patterned behavior f.drinking is an deconomic act VI. Some interesting historical background to alcoholic beverages a. Early archeological evidence in Persia, Egypt, China and other sites show evidence of alcoholic beverages as early the late Stone age period. b.
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October 6 Drinking Culture Alcohol - ANTH 209/SOC 269...

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