American Drama 3

American Drama 3 - Vocabulary "modo"/modern =...

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American Drama 3 Monday, April 18, 2011 12:01 PM A Streetcar Named Desire [A Raisin in the Sun] Fences Angels in America A Gay Fantasia on National Themes New to Kushner: NATIONAL DESTINY, wider and wider focus Vocabulary FIN DE SIECLE FANTASIA MAGIC REALISM POST MODERNISM - defines a big historical period, resists modernists faith Kushner Magic Realism Contemporary Anti-Hero/es Method Influence: Character Exploration American Themes Themes Passing of the American past Post-war urban America The Troubled American Family Class, Gender, Marriage, Economics Race Human Sexuality Illusion vs. Reality ANGELS as: Fin de Siecle Episodic Postmodern Magic Realist Fantasia Magic Realism Surface Realism invaded and changed by the Supernatural, Myth, Dream, Fantasy Kushner and Postmodernism
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Unformatted text preview: Vocabulary "modo"/modern = "just now" "pomo"/postmodern = "after just now" Character, Gk. "stamp" Pomo Principles • REALITY - VIRTUAL • IDENTITY - PROVISIONAL • TRUTH - CONSTRUCTED Roy Louis Joe Prior Harper Angel Kushner's Dramaturgy: Magic Realism • Sweeping fin de siecle play • Postmodern fantasia in ideas and expression • Episodic narratives in dialectical relationship • Characters embody the contemporary spectrum • Literal and lyrical plans in playwriting and staging • Focus: roles of reality and imagination in the process of change Style = imitation/immersion/identification AMERICAN STYLES • Naturalism [Hansberry] Variations: • American Modernism [Williams] • Realism [Wilson] • Magic Realism [Kushner]...
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American Drama 3 - Vocabulary "modo"/modern =...

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