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Moliere - • DECORUM maintain decorum outside of the...

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Moliere Friday, February 11, 2011 12:28 PM Neo-Classicism - new classicism Context : The Enlightenment (Age of Reason) Style : Neo-Classicism (1635-1785) Moliere : 1622-1673 TARTUFFE : 1669 France looked at classical tragedy for art in the 17th century King Louis the 14th let Moliere get away with a lot Values RATIONALITY NOBILITY - ruling by divine right TEMPERANCE STATUS QUO Moliere was born into an aristocratic family under the King Louis His father was an upholsterer, wanted Moliere to follow in his footsteps He ran away and joined an improv comedians Neo-Classical Drama 5 ACT STRUCTURE - not a choice, must be a 5-act play PURITY OF GENRE - tragedy, no comic relief. Cannot mix genres VERISIMILITUDE (life-likeness, realistic) - UNITIES (unity of time, place, and action) Should take place ideally in a single place of action, in the correct amount of time, no big gaps in physical location, audiences cannot make those imaginative leaps. Ties all the events in a play into 1 package, one single story line
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Unformatted text preview: • DECORUM - maintain decorum outside of the theatre inside of the play, i.e. no lower class figure can confront an upper class citizen. Everyone had to conform to behaviors of that class as well, stick to status quo and social biases. • MORALITY - strict moral code, entertaining and instructive Drama/Theatre • FRENCH ACADEMY- King established this group of rule makers for the theatre, church and state working together to add art • CARDINAL RICHELIEU • LOUIS XIV • PROCESENIUM STAGE & PAINTED SCENERY • WOMEN ON STAGE English Blank Verse French Alexandrine More syllables per line Unrhymed Rhymed Flexible Rhythm Formal Pattern Variations Strict Couplets Unobtrusive Artificial Commedia dell'Arte = (Comedy of the Artists) • PLOT - SCENARIO • CHARACTERS - STOCK "ZANNI" o Actors played 1 Static role • STYLE - IMPROVISATION • FOCUS - PERFORMERS, GAGS/"LAZZI"...
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Moliere - • DECORUM maintain decorum outside of the...

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