Shakespeare - Shakespeare Monday 12:29 PM William...

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Shakespeare Monday, January 31, 2011 12:29 PM William Shakespeare 1564 - 1616 Hamlet written around 1600 Renaissance - "Rebirth" Rebirth or Rediscovery of the classical culture of Greeks and Romans First period where you are able to change your social standing, upward mobility is possible New philosophical orientation, emphasis on what lies ahead Film Clip: Shakespeare in Love New demands put on a playwright to appeal to a new audience in order to sell tickets, it is a business now Elizabethan era would hold 3,000 people, max o Almost the shape of a circle, performance area is almost wrapped o All male actors, very little scenery CONTEXT World Theatre Renaissance Elizabethan Playhouse - holds 3000 max Humanism The Globe - circular so that the actor is "the center of the universe" Puritans Licensed Theatres Audiences Shareholding Companies - group that collectively held resources financially to sink/swim together at the success or failure of a play Renaissance PERFORMING CONVENTIONS Outdoor, Daytime performances - subject to the elements of weather Male Actors Platform Stage: Thrust Little Spectacle - least important aspect, only thing to group attention to colorful costumes
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Shakespeare - Shakespeare Monday 12:29 PM William...

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