The Bacchae

The Bacchae - Formal Context and Structure High Status...

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The Bacchae Wednesday, January 19, 2011 11:57 AM 407 BC : Transformations o Example: Dionysus --> God, Human, Bull o Also see changes of status Seeing Double : TWO SONS Pentheus (name in Greek means "he's who suffers" : Setting Limits --King/Pawn --Masculine/Feminine --Powerful/Powerless --False Knowledge/True Understanding - understands human vulnerability --Audience/Main Event Dionysus : Breaking Boundaries --God/Man --Man/Woman --Greek/Barbarian --Man/Beast --City/Country Dionysus got revenge on everyone who was insulting his mother's reputation Euripides suggests that Athens has seen its best days and now is going downhill Suggests maybe power by force isn't the best option Cannot deny our unconscious self, just like Dionysus Euripides' Dramaturgy
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Unformatted text preview: Formal Context and Structure High Status Heightened Language Irrevocable Circumstances Responsibility & Acceptance - characters accept their actions, like Agave killing her son Tragicomic Tone - dark humor, when Penthius dresses himself in women's clothing but that leads to his death Genre = "kind," "type" "COMEDY from Greek KOMOIDIA = "song of the revelers" i.e. party song Comedy seems to be initiated in small celebrations in towns and villages Related to public fun and public gatherings Film Clips "Waiting to Exhale" - dark comedy, you find her actions (setting fire to husband's clothes) funny, but at the same time you sympathize with her situation "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" -...
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The Bacchae - Formal Context and Structure High Status...

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