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Civil Rights - Civil Rights Tuesday 11:35 AM Civil Rights...

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Civil Rights Tuesday, March 15, 2011 11:35 AM Civil Rights - things the government must do, apply to everyone Civil Liberties - protection from the government, included in the Bill of Rights "Civil" rights term emerged in 1760s o No taxation without representation Civil Rights of African Americans African Americans faced two major obstacles in securing rights o Constitution Reserves authority to states Separation of powers o Politics based on self-interest Need to have a personal stake in the outcome Politics of Black Civil Rights, 1808-1865 o Missouri Compromise 1820 - Provision that allows Missouri to enter as a slave state as long as Maine enters as a free state, created 36 30 Missouri Compromise Line o Wilmot Proviso - David Wilmot from Pennsylvania, wanted to make sure that slavery did not extent to any other states in the west, did this because he thought that slaves were hurting the wages of the whites because slaves were free o Compromise of 1850 - California wanted to join as a free state, southern states were mad because it was going to tip the number of senators so that there were more representatives from free states, all decisions in senate in favor of free states, any state that joins can decide if they want to be slave or free, did away with 35 30 line Fugitive Slave Law - will return all slaves who have escaped to the north Dred scott v. Sanfard (1857)
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Civil Rights - Civil Rights Tuesday 11:35 AM Civil Rights...

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