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Congress Thursday, February 03, 2011 11:05 AM Where policy making happens Congress is very important because it was addressed as Article 1 of the Constitution o Taxes, declare war, necessary and proper clause Basic structure: Great Compromise o Representation - bicameral legislature (1 equal, 1 by population) Allocation of seats in House and Senate Malapportionment - U.S. Senate, not a good representation of the people Qualifications House at least 25 years old Senate, at least 30 years old o Terms House, 2 year terms Senate, 6 year terms Powers of Congress Foreign Affairs o Declare War o Raise and finance army and navy o Call out state militias o Senate "advice and consent" - when the president nominates a justice or ambassador, supposed to get senators advice and consent o Senate, ratify treaties and confirm ambassadors o House - revenue, budget, appropriations o Impeach - House, Trial - Senate Congress and Representation Congressional districting o Apportionment; Census 2010 o 700,000 constituents/district o Controversy o State Legislature at any time can redistrict Gerrymandering - redrawing district lines in states to benefit one political party over another o o 1812 Essex County in MA - Elbridge Gerry, signed off on redistricting o Partisan/Political Gerrymanders Wesberry v. Sanders (1964) - one person, one vote. Davis v. Bandemer (1986) - gerrymandered out of districts, courts decided no but they had the power Vieth v. Jubelirer (2004) - gerrymandered out of districts, courts said they had no jurisdiction o Racial Gerrymandering Thornburg v. Gingles (1986) Districts cannot discriminate What do non-discriminatory districts look like? North Carolina 1st and 12th districts
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Majority Black Both came before the Supreme Court Representation in the House o Controversial Representation in the Senate o Unequal representation o Population California and Wyoming - completely unequal (reps in CA, 32 mil vs. reps in WY, 5 mil) Nine largest states have 51 percent of country's population Smallest 26 states have 18 percent of country's population BUT… 52 percent of the Senate seats Small states care about stuff that involves land, agricultural subsidies o David Mayhew, Congress: The Electoral Connection o Why do people run for Congress? Start as optimists, think they can change things
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Congress - Congress Thursday, February 03, 2011 11:05 AM...

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