Elections - Elections Tuesday 10:59 AM Do Elections Matter...

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Elections Tuesday, April 12, 2011 10:59 AM Do Elections Matter? Representation Voter-Decision Making o Information Ads o o o LBJ o o 2010 Midterms The Logic of Elections o Delegation-->Agency Loss Regular free and competitive elections mitigate Citizens decide who represents them Future election concerns for incumbents Incentives for outparties to monitor How successful are elections in the U.S.? What about historically? The Right To Vote o Largely non-existent o "time, place, manner" o Early practices Limited the franchise Property requirements o Universal suffrage for white men States eventually lifted property requirements o Civil War Amendments o VRA 1965 Suffrage for blacks what not universal until this act o Suffrage for Women 19th Amendment o 26th Amendment 18 year olds o Other groups still excluded? Minors, Convicts, Immigrants Because of this , legislation is not as responsive to these groups Who Uses The Right To Vote? o Why do so many choose not to vote? Why do so many choose to vote? (more in a minute) o Turnout has varied widely over time Sharp decline in vote turnout between 1960 and 1972 Average of only about 58% vote Late 19th century, ~90% A little skewed because people vote many times 2008 race inspired a turnout of only about 61 percent 2010 around 40 percent
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o Millions of Americans do not vote Is this irrational? Paradoxical? Calculus of voting V=pr(b)-c V - vote or don't Pr - Probably that your vote matters, that it makes a difference (not often bigger than zero) B - utility you get from the person that you want winning C - costs If + vote, if - don't Explanation for Participation Patterns o Voting incurs costs buy also produces benefits o So who does vote?
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Elections - Elections Tuesday 10:59 AM Do Elections Matter...

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