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Political Parties - Political Parties Tuesday 12:04 PM Why...

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Political Parties Tuesday, April 19, 2011 12:04 PM Why Study Parties What do you think of when you think of parties? [liberal/conservative, red/blue] o Do parties matter to voters? Party ID is the best predictor of vote choice BUT --> 90% of people say they vote for the best candidate regardless of party Bush's win in 2000 (look back at Public Opinion slide) Do parties matter? THEY MUST! Do Parties Matter? o People vote loyally for parties o Difficult to win without being a member of one of the major parties o Parties are useful for voters, candidates, and elected officeholders Why? Nature of Parties o Increased party line voting Even though voters may say negative things about parties, they still act like partisans o Parties remain helthy and competitive organizations o .. Defintions of Po;itical Parties o Two unique definitoisn o Burke's (18th century) a body of men united for promoting by their joint endeavors the national interest, upon some Lets get together, lets try to control govt and implement it, responsible party govt. o Downs' -what is it we want to do now that we are here The constitution o No mention of political parties o Considered to be a threat to good govt. and public order o First American parties were not meant to be permanent o Constitution shaped them - first amendment Design of our constitutional government
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Political Parties - Political Parties Tuesday 12:04 PM Why...

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