JWST Exam 1

JWST Exam 1 - 1200B C 1030B C 1000B C 970 BC 930 BC 722 BC...

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1200B C The 12 tribes entered Canaan 1030B C The 12 tribes united against Saul 1000B C David succeeded Saul as king, ruled for 40 years 970 BC Soloman succeeded David as king 930 BC Soloman died, the united kingdom split 722 BC Assyrian conquest of Israel 701 BC Assyrian invasion of Judah 586 BC Babylonians conquer Jerusalem and destroyed first Jewish temple 550BC - 330BC PERSIAN EMPIRE 539 BC Cyrus of Persia’s edict allowing the Judeans to return to Jerusalem and rebuild the temple 516 BC Second Jewish temple consecrated 458 BC Ezra arrived in Jerusalem 445 BC Nehemiah served as governor of Yahud 336 BC Alexander succeeded his father Phillip II to the Macedonian throne 334 BC Alexander the Great launched invasion of Persian Empire 332 BC Alexander the Great moved though Egypt 331 BC Alexander the Great became rule of Persian Empire 323 BC Alexander the Great died in Babylon War broke out over succession, offspring vs. generals 198 BC The Seleucid king Antiochus III conquered Syria-Palestine and took Jerusalem 198 BC Antiochus III took Palestine and Jerusalem 2) Who was Ezra and who was Nehemiah, and what did they accomplish in Jerusalem? Why did Ezra oppose intermarriage?’ Ezra: a scribe skilled in the law of Moses o Arrived in Jerusalem 458 BC
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JWST Exam 1 - 1200B C 1030B C 1000B C 970 BC 930 BC 722 BC...

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