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812 and Burden of Dreams

812 and Burden of Dreams - with managing so many people •...

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8 1/2 & Burden of Dreams Wednesday, January 19, 2011 10:59 AM 8 1/2 Intro o Trapped in a car with everyone watching, but no one is helping him o Opposite of the out-tro, there is surrounded by all of this friends and family at the spaceship o Journey from alienation to integration o Car signifies his mobility and the modernness of the problem and situation o 1962, car relative to the Holocaust, headless bodies on the bus and poisonous gas o Spa has symbolism of baptism and rebirth, ritual baths in wine Guido is a narcissist film -maker, can only make films about himself, cannot deal
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Unformatted text preview: with managing so many people • One of the themes of the film was claustrophobia • Only engagement of film-making was in the bedroom with Carla, only moment he seems to enjoy himself • Burden of Dreams jungle, i.e. a place of chaos, and tries to impose order o Possibly making chaos out of a simple life, takes the natives out of their natural habitat and creates a lot of chaos • Hertzag, consistent action of valuing his art above human life and nature...
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