Grand Illusion, Apocalypse Now & Shame

Grand Illusion, Apocalypse Now & Shame - even though...

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Monday, February 28, 2011 11:01 AM Grand Illusion Conditions in the prison camp are pretty nice - get packages and food and have entertainment Ralfenstein and Boldieu, German officer vs. French officer o Not that dissimilar o "Charming legacy of the French Revolution" - the reason the other men are officers Pacifist humanity, suggesting that we are all human Doing your duty, but no more than what is expected o Not shooting them because they cross the border o Escaping because that is what is expected o Boldieu and Ralfenstein say they would've shot each other out of duty
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Unformatted text preview: even though they were friends o No one really cares about the war, they are just doing what is expected • DUTY, CEREMONY, BEAUTY • Ralfenstein and Boldieu - switch to English when they don't want anyone else to hear what they are saying, signs of their aristocratic standing • Maximes - the fact that they were both there shows that they are in the same aristocratic circle Apocalypse Now • " I'm not part of their army anymore" -- left reality and entered mythical plane Shame •...
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