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ACCOUNTING 44O BLACKBOARD INSTRUCTIONS Blackboard Homework – General Model Preparation for most class days will involve doing homework for which key response variables will be submitted through Blackboard. The general model is that you can work together on problems with your assigned class group before you access the Blackboard link, but you cannot share any information with your group or anyone else after you access the Blackboard link. This general model is described in detail below. The instructions that follow should be used for EACH and EVERY Blackboard homework assignment unless specific instructions are provided that are different from the instructions listed below. Posted Homework Assignments You will typically be assigned several problems to complete for each class day. These problems are listed in the Acct 440 calendar for each day. Some of the problems listed will have solutions provided in advance, either through a media file or in a document posted in the Pre-Class materials for the day. These examples should be used in combination with assigned reading from the text to better understand the topics assigned for the day. You will not have any Blackboard questions asked over the questions for which solutions were provided in advance; however, you may have questions asked about all other assigned problems assigned for the day. Information Sharing and Group Work You will be allowed to discuss all assigned homework problems and work on solutions to the assigned problems together with the classmates who are in your class group . This is allowed as long as all group members work on all problems together . The divide and conquer approach where different problems are parceled out to different group members and then answers are pooled is not allowed.
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