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Class Info 410 - winter 2012

Class Info 410 - winter 2012 - Business Management 410-3...

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Business Management 410-3 Investments: Winter 2012 Instructor: Richard G. Horne Work: 801-715-7140; Mobile: 801-455-1823 Home: 801-359-9976; Fax: 801-364-6783; E-mail: [email protected] Class: 3:30 – 4:45 Monday & Wednesday Room W110 TNRB Office Hours: By appointment before or after class. Materials Required Text: Essentials of Investments, 8 th Edition by Bodie, Kane and Marcus You are welcome to study from older, international and online editions of the text that have similar content, but the reading assignments will be given with respect to the 8 th edition. Other required readings and materials will be distributed in class during the semester. Required Reading: Wall Street Journal Daily, specifically Money and Investing (Section C). Articles will be discussed in class. It is expected for you to come to class prepared to lead discussions on articles from Section “C”. To subscribe go to: http://subscribe.wsj.com/semester Learning Objectives The course has two main objectives. The first is for students to master financial market principles and terminology. The second is for students to exercise their formal analysis and communication skills by applying this knowledge in the context of security selection. 1) Comprehend and apply the fundamental principles of investing as they relate to securities markets. 2) Communicate (read, speak and write) accurately, basic investment terminology and jargon/acronyms at a level consistent with the premier financial publications, i.e. Wall Street Journal, etc. 3) Estimate the value of financial assets (stocks, bonds) using basic financial methods. Analyze a public company by interpreting the companies Historical Financial Statements, assessing its competitive strengths and weaknesses, forecasting pro forma financial statements, and communicating the conclusion in a professional written report. 4) Encourage working together by requiring an in-class formal group presentation of the public company analyzed in section 4 above. Students will use a top-down approach in this analysis.
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