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Bio Final Review

Bio Final Review - -transport of water and minerals from...

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Bio Final Review 08:06 WEDNESDAY!!!!!!  64-67 questions      1- 6 pt. question Ch. 43: meristems (6 regions) names, location and what they grow up to be, tricomb,  guard cells. Tissues, what they are used for. Flow of water , minerals, and sugars.  Phloem, xylem.  31-35: 80% of exam organ systems, circulatory, arteries, veins, etc. hemoglobin, EPO produced in kidneys,  capillaries are smallest vessels in circ. System where all exchanges take place in body.  Urine excretion system. Ordering of systems, who does what and when. 2 questions from the plant chapter.
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Unformatted text preview: -transport of water and minerals from xylem.-Heart diagrams and figures have to be labeled. Ventricals, valves, chambers, etc. when you breath air in or out what is the order of the structure? Fungi characteristics Humans “ Plant “ Pollination!!!! Tie together organ systems. Starts with mouth and ends in toilet. capillaries AMINO ACIDS! (8) are necessary to our diet and we must eat. EPO and ADH. 08:06 08:06...
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