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Communication 1061 1-23-09 Assumptions made by theorists World is predictable Humans try to make sense of the situation Humans make rules. If violate rules, then can be positive or negative reaction. Communication has origins in WWII during 1940s. Used propaganda (ex: war bond). What made propaganda work? What ads were effective and which were not? 1960s/1970s: Vietnam Social structures changing and people questioned norms. Research on relationships began. Looked at negotiations of people and effects on values. 2 theories: o Symbolic Interaction: focus on how individuals and society are related. Ex: all must understand symbols to know meaning o Social construction of reality: importance of social groups to assign meaning. See world certain way because of people we assign meaning with. (Ex: Americans cow is food, India cow is religious symbol) Communication theory helps to look and understand relationships. Ways to View Relationships Constellation of behaviors: need degree of interdependence. What you do effects other people Cognitive Constructs: prototypes. Ex: girls usually marry someone like their dad Relationships viewed as mini-cultures Relationships consist of contradictory forces and dialectional tensions (Ex: want to try something new but then scared to stray) Characteristics of Relationships Awareness: need to know relationship exists Coordinated Interaction/Joint action: what you do together is what matters Analyze: MAP, create memories and organize into prototype. You label people and look at attributes to figure out what is appropriate. Communication indicator. Relationships influenced by outside forces (Ex: move away, get married) Relationships can control us as much as we control them. What you put in is what you’re going to get out of it. Maintain thru communication 2 Types of Relationships Circumstance: just happen due to overlapping lives Choice: intentionally seek out person 3 Dimensions of Religion Trust: feel safe sharing information Intimacy: how comfortable we are with them to share information Power: how is power distributed? Do you feel comfortable with this person?
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Healthy Relationship Shared vision of where it is going Rules negotiated that works to benefit of relationship itself Shared work ethic Metacommunication is valued: communication about communication 1-26-09 Levels of Relationships Intrapersonal: “self talk”; communication in your head. One person. Interpersonal: dyadic. 2 people communicate. Special form of communication that occurs simultaneously as we interact with each other. Small group: communication with 3-15 people. 5 is ideal size. Ex: family, study groups.
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January-Notes-2 - Communication 1061 Assumptions made by...

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